General Information

The Astronomical Observatory of La Sagra is an astronomical facility located at 1530m above sea level. Located in the Granada town of Puebla de Don Fadrique, in Sierra de La Sagra, north of this famous mountain (the highest of Andalusia outside the Sierra Nevada mountain range). From the observatory there is a close view of the peak of La Sagra, which gives the observatory its name.

The observatory is a complex designed and intended for both educational and scientific activities of astronomy and astrophysics, allowing easy participation, and enjoyment of the excellent astronomical conditions in the area. In fact, the area where the observatory is found is one of the darkest regions on light pollution maps of the Iberian Peninsula, according to different sources of information based on satellite images in the sky brightness measurements, or models. The observatory has modules and domes with scientific instrumentation, as well as a module for publicity telescopes and a room for projections. You can take guided tours and other activities.

After more than 11 years since its inauguration, the observatory is a facility that operates under an agreement between the hotel  Collados de la Sagra  and the  Institute of Astrophysics of Andalusia, public scientific research center belonging to Higher Council for Scientific Research (CSIC).

Night at la Sagra